Nursing Billable Activities

Desc. No.: Abbreviation Description Option
1 Preparing and administering medication or performing a treatment as ordered. Edit | Remove
2 Assisting with or observing administration of a medication or the performance of a treatment. Edit | Remove
3 Assessing health status face-to-face or by video conference. Edit | Remove
4 Drug reconciliation. Edit | Remove
5 Reviewing documents to evaluate quality of care. Edit | Remove
7 Providing special needs training.* Edit | Remove
9 Communicating with pharmacist, health insurance provider or Social Security Administration (SSA) by telephone or face-to-face. Edit | Remove
10 Supervising a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) (RN only). Edit | Remove
11 RN Delegation including training on nursing tasks and verification of competency (RN only). Edit | Remove
12 Participating in service planning meeting.* Edit | Remove
13 Participating in the development of an implementation plan (IP).* Edit | Remove
14 Participating in development of an Individual Plan of Care (IPC).* Edit | Remove
15 Annual Nursing Report* Edit | Remove
16 Other Edit | Remove